Peru - Jungle Fever

VIew this article and photos of the Santa Clotilde Health Center by Sergio Ramazzotti.

God's People Dying - Should I Care?

A medical clinic deep within the jungles of Peru where I volunteered admitted two little sisters and their brother. They were severely burnt by a kerosene container that “exploded”. Kerosene is the fuel source for cooking and lighting in the jungle.  One of the girls died before she arrived at the clinic. All we could do was wrap her little body while the mother cried as she looked on. The police suspected that since kerosene doesn’t usually explode, narcotic traffickers may have sold this unsuspecting family a more volatile substance either mixed with or in place of kerosene.

PANGO Canada a Reality

Kerry and Sarah

On November 29, 2009, the world lost two very special people, Kerry and Sarah Morrissey. They remain always in our hearts.