Bienvenidos otro vez a Santa Clotilde Centro de Salud

I only have two days left in Santa Clotilde, and I thought I would send one last letter before I leave.  Padre Jack zipped off to run some errands in Lima last week while I stayed here to guard the proverbial fort, leaving me as the sole remaining English speaker this side of the Rio Napo.  Put another way:  I´ve just completed a 216-hour game of charades.  To everyone´s relief Jack returned Tuesday afternoon, enthusiastic and energetic as ever, and positively triumphant after the glory of this past weekend´s action in the NFL playoffs.  Yesterday morning in the daily staff meeting he managed to combine his two greatest passions – priesthood and football – with a five minute parable in which God paints his house green and gold.  I´m not sure that the Peruvians understood all of the nuances but the overall message was clear:  God is a Green Bay Packers fan.